• Ida Karolina


This week we have had the flu đŸ˜· I did't get much work done. No masterthesis and no side hustle 😔 I have had the fever that comes and go and aches in the body and I'm still exhausted.

I was supose to meet whit my mentor at the university for my masterthesis but I just had to cancel it. I was up the night before whit my 5 yr old. He had 40C fever. The rest of the week have been spent indoors, isolating us from other people.

But It's just not us, I know, others are sick as well.


When you are sick with the fever you 'need' icecream, and lots of cartoons!This is Alfreds "get well soon" special menu 😉

Take care!

XOXO -Ida Karolina

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