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Day off..

Have been waiting for this sun!

Spending all my time writing on my master thesis and to little time taking pictures. These days there are little time for side hustles, but that`s my priority for now. .

Yesterday I emailed my professor and tomorrow is counseling, so I allowed myself a well needed brake today. Felt like I hadn't seen the sun for weeks. I just had to get out today.

This is a place nearby from where I live. Feeling lucky to have this in my neighborhood😊💖

Guess you could call it an mental-health-day. Totally needed this. Running my own days has it's advantages and I guess that's what I'm really looking for in a dream job, if there is such a thing. The freedom of time actually feels more important than the money. Of course we need to make money as well, but having small children I need a way to balance it. Working full time just doesn't make this (coffee in the sun when I need it) possible. I guess if you love what you do that's fine. But what if your mind always is somewhere else.

The past couple of years have been all about doing something about that. I was working shift and always feeling like missing out on my boys in the evenings, in the weekends, in the holidays. I got totally exhausted, I just couldn't live like that. That's why I left my job to get an mastersdegree to be able to get more opportunities.

Now I'm almost at the finishing line! And I'm so afraid I'm not going to make it on time. 😱

Actually almost any opportunity would be fine after finishing my masters degree. And I actually have some big side hustle ideas figured out (stay tuned for that).

I just HAVE to finish the thesis on time. I`m suppose to be doing research work. It`s totally challenging me! The side hustle ideas is what keeps me going! Can`t wait for having the time for that! The day that break you is the day that make you they say. Well that`s where I`m at.

xoxo -Ida Karolina

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