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Hospital day

I recently got to experience how lucky I am to live in a welfare country.

I week ago my son had a bad stomach. When I one night started feeling nauseous, throwing up and having a stomach pain at first I just thought it was my turn. During the night I threw up several times and the stomach pain got worse. It was so bad I didn`t know wish way to sleep and I started to suspect that this was not just a bad stomage.

Before 7 am I woke up my husband. He didn`t hesitate to call 113 and they sent an ambulance right away. The next thing I new I was lying in a hospital bed.

Everyone at the hospital were really sweet and did everything to make sure they found the right diagnose. I went to ultrasound and CAT (CT) and they found that my appendix was inflamed and I needed surgery.

That same day there had been a big fire in town and those patients needed to be prioritized. At almost 11 pm it was my time to get surgery. So It was a long day, lots of waiting / sleeping.

Surgery is something I normally think of as creepy. But when the time came I just wanted to get it over with. I just felt a need to make sure the narcosis would make me completely a sleep.. All because I once watched a scary movie where there was an evil surgeon... Everyone working there was the sweetest. I woke up around 3 am. The doctor told me everything went fine, the appendix was really inflamed so it was a good thing they removed it. I was ready to go home later on the same day! Maybe a night extra would have been fine, but they had done their work and recovering is all that`s left. And my own couch is much more comfier than an hospital bed..

So I`m taking life easy at the moment, eating painkillers and watching Netflix. Next week will (hopefully) be better.

This is how lucky I forget that I am. I get to live in a country that gives me the most excellent hospital treatment when I need it. I walked out of there paying nothing (except for high taxes..but that makes up for it) I am lucky to experience that someone comes to visit at the hospital and that someone sends me flowers and all those get well text and snaps from people. I thought I was a lonely soul in this world, but apparently not. Apparently I`m lucky. Because I can`t take nothing of this for granted. Most of all I`m the luckiest girl on earth when I`m with my boys. Now they are taking soo good care of me, my son made me waffles ON HIS OWN (of course dad was with him, but he wanted waffles, and made waffles!)

Things like this is luck. The rest is hard work.

XOXO -Ida Karolina

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