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today was a good day

After spending a week on the couch, because of my appendix surgery, today was a good day to get out of the house! It is Easter break, so we are having some time off at home. Today we were so lucky to get invited to visit at some friends cabin outside Kristiansand. The boys are always exited about this because it means a small boat trip. I was a bit worried about getting on and off the boat with a bit of an ache in my stomach, but everything went just fine :) Some days it`s a good feeling to get out of the house and do something. Everyday adventures that just comes around like this are the best! :)

Whenever a get the chance a like to take photos when we are outdoors. For this shot I just used my sony mobile. Can`t wait for the day when I can afford a good camera, and a better phone! Any camera recommendations?? Please comment :)

XOXO -Ida Karolina

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