• Ida Karolina

Major setback

..or should I rather just say change of plans. And that`s life.

Because of being so much ill this winter I have to postpone my master thesis. I will have to deliver it in the autumn instead of this May. It was not how I planned this to work out, but I think it`s for the best. Health comes first. And it`s not a change of goal, just a change in the way to get there.

The last week I have been trying to come back to a good routine, eating well and sleeping well. I still need to use the time to get as much as possible done, but I feel I have a real challenge in staying focused on the task and concentrate. Hopefully it will get better.

The picture above is from earlier this year. Me and my boys were at Hamresanden outside Kristiansand for a walk. Some days all I want to do is pack my bag and go photographing somewhere, preferable somewhere the nature is beautiful and very little people are around. (Good chances for that in Norway ;) The day this picture was taken one of my boys did NOT want to be in the picture. The other one didn`t mind; running around singing and throwing rocks at the water <3

Sometimes there is a story behind the picture we see. Sometimes it`s just what you see and it`s just as simple as that. And people could look at the same picture and interpret in completely different, and that`s fine. My pictures are often a beautiful thing I found that day, and by taking that picture and publishing on instagram for example, it becomes the thing I take with me from that day. It doesn`t show how the rest of the day was, so I have been thinking maybe I should tell that story. I have now added a new category, photography, here on the blog for that kind of story.

Stay tuned ;)

XOXO - Ida Karolina

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