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Love my neighborhood

This is my "backyard".

Love to have this close to where I live. Many of my photos are from around this area.

I was out for a walk here last night. Suddenly I realized that a deer was standing just beside my path and looking at me. For a frozen minute both of us didn`t move and just looked at each other. At first I was wondering if he or she was real because the deer was still like an statue.

My second thought was that I wanted to take a photo. But as i reached for my pocket the deer ran of and was gone in a couple of seconds. It was just a really cool experience. I was looking for him/her for the rest of my forest walk. Had a feeling that the deer knew where I was, although I didn`t see him/her again. Some things are just in the moment. So you will have to take my word for it..

Guess I will never be a big city girl..

XOXO - Ida Karolina

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