• Ida Karolina

Don`t quit your daydream

Don`t quit your daydream - This is a quote that has stuck with me for the last year.

I think it is so important to have something to dream about, a goal. Sometimes it`s all about not quitting, to not give up - to not quit the daydream -no matter how hard that dream is to get to.

The daydream is what keeps me going when I don`t want to..

It doesn`t even have to be that realistic.. Sometimes I just need that "reality escape" -to get up, go to work or get things done.

Photos are my kind of daydream.

When I take photos or edit them or use them in some way, then is what I am focused at and totally present. It`s the kind of activity that make me experience as much autonomy as I want. It`s the kind of activity where I feel the most free to just do my thing and I don`t "need" anyone to "like" it or to approve it.

It gives more than it takes..

I guess it`s my happy place (if your happy place can be an activity...)

What`s yours?

XOXO -Ida Karolina


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