• Ida Karolina

Here's to new beginnings

We visited some friends at their cabin yesterday. Special occasions calls for special celebration. I'm not signing my new deal before tomorrow, but tomorrow's Tuesday so the weekend was better soothed to make a toast for both me and my friend who also got a new job 🎉 I't was a beautiful day. This day too gave us a taste of summer. It' s all about seizing the day.

Today I have been making cinnamon rolls for tomorrow. My son is bringing them to kinder garden as a thank you gift for his time there. And tomorrow is the 6th of June, the national day of Sweden, so it will be a good day for a treat at kinder garden kinder ga

When my youngest son finishes his years at kinder garden it's an era in our family that is over. No more kinder garden. But, we will have one more schoolboy! And a mother doing some other work than she used to. We have been working hard to get to this.

Here's to new beginnings đŸ·

- Ida Karolina 💎