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Midsommarafton. The day that could have, or should, have been the constitution day of Sweden.(My opinion ;)

Today I miss Sweden and to be a part of a celebration. My Swedish friend is IN Sweden and all my friends are having other plans, or stuff to do, since this day isn`t that big deal here in Norway.

My friends little girl is coming over, so at are place it will be a quiet and children friendly evening.

Menu is shrimps, and pizza leftover from yesterday, for dinner. Dessert you can see on picture above.

This thing about being alone at days when you are "supposed" to be a part of a big bunch of people having the happiest time or your life, but that`s not exactly how reality is.. - Can`t it just be ok to not make so much out of everything all the time. Can`t it just be OK to do something nice where you are, alone, or whit the few people you are with.

Social media can be a blessing or a curse at this kind of days. It can make us feel even more alone. Or we can post a (as honest as you prefer) picture of something and saying this is what it is like for me. What ever works for you. My point is: it shouldn`t have to be super-fancy to be good enough!

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Take care!

xoxo Ida Karolina

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