• Ida Karolina

Love the autumn

I always feel like the year start in the autumn. Not after new years eve. Maybe it`s because of all those years at school always starting with something new in the autumn.

Today I didn`t want to share a picture from today. Today was all grey and totally uninspiring. This photo is from last weekend when me and my oldest was out walking. That`s the beauty with photos. You kind of save the moment. Today can be as grey as it want. But this day on the photo is the day I chose to take with me.

Today was totally ordinary. As the most days are anyway. I get up at 6. Go to the buss as 7. Work starts at 8. Today was a slow workday as well. We didn`t have ANYTHING to do. I really mean I didn`t do a thing. The fire alarm went off. It was just a drill. So at least we get to go outside for a while. I finish at 4 and is at home a quarter to 5. Then we make dinner. After that it`s time for homework for the boys. Today is Wednesday, that means we are "over the hump". This weekend the boys are going to my in laws. They get to go on an small autumn break although we don`t get to have any time off from work.

I`m thinking about what to write on this page. My conclusion is just that it will be my place to do my thing. Sometimes I will post more often than others. It will not be something I must do. I just want to do it when I feel like it. There are enough of things to do that kind of are a `duty`. This is one of my breaks from that.

XOXO Ida Karolina :)

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